April 27, 2022

Kirby's Gold (Episode 4)

Kirby's Gold, a Los Angeles travelogue hosted by John Carroll Kirby; produced by Ross Harris and John Carroll Kirby. Episode 4: Is the first time... Read More

February 23, 2022

John Carroll Kirby Tour Dates

Updated March 8, 2022. Check Stones Throw's Events calendar for ticket links and updates Europe 10 Mar: Paradiso, Amsterdam 11 Mar: Le Pop-Up Du Label,... Read More

August 12, 2021

Cryptozoo Soundtrack by John Carroll Kirby

John Carroll Kirby will make his film score debut with Cryptozoo: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Stones Throw released the album on Spotify | Apple Music with... Read More

June 2, 2021

John Carroll Kirby - Septet

Composer and keyboardist John Carroll Kirby presents Septet. Streaming on Spotify | Apple Music Septet was recorded live in studio with John on keys, Tracy... Read More

April 2, 2021

John Carroll Kirby – CONFLICT

"Absorb the pain and react smoothly... don't become distracted by the white noise of possibilities... experience a flow-like state, even an Ultra Instinct" — Platinum... Read More

October 28, 2020

John Carroll Kirby – “High”

‘High’ is a song about missed opportunities. It's a song about being too stoned to talk to someone you like, but also being too high... Read More

April 24, 2020

John Carroll Kirby – MY GARDEN

Composer John Carroll Kirby’s Stones Throw debut is My Garden VINYL | SPOTIFY | BANDCAMP Kirby is a go-to collaborator for a number of artists... Read More

March 17, 2020

John Carroll Kirby: Producer & Performer Spotlight

“I've had the chance to work with some of the best and am proud to consider myself as much an accompanist as a soloist ...”... Read More