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Mndsgn (born Ringgo Ancheta) grew up in south New Jersey, raised with Gospel music at church, and B-Boy culture at home. Experimenting with beat-making, he befriended fellow producer Knxwledge and the two formed the influential Klipmode collective (along with Devonwho and Suzi Analogue). Mndsgn's music...

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Tyler, the Creator & Prophet - Peach Fuzz

10-inch, shaped picture disc of Tyler, the Creator “Peach Fuzz” b/w Prophet “Wanna Be Your Man” on Stones Throw Records. Available here: Tyler, the Creator... Read More

Mndsgn - Truth of the Matter

Mndsgn covers Sofie’s “Truth of the Matter” SPOTIFY | APPLE Ringgo Ancheta speaks: “‘Truth Of The Matter’ is one of my favorite songs on the... Read More

Vivians – Mndsgn and Koreatown Oddity

On vinyl: VIVIANS Vivians is Mndsgn and Koreatown Oddity, featuring guest appearances by Zeroh, Cohenbeats, Quelle Chris and Jonwayne as Uncle Trill. This premiered as... Read More

Sofie & Mndsgn – “Abeja”

Sofie put together an album for Stones Throw a couple years ago called Sofie's SOS Tape, which included a song by her and Mndsgn. “Abeja”... Read More

Prophet - Wanna Be Your Man

Prophet is an underground funk musician from the San Francisco Bay Area, who, until this year, had only put his name to one record: an... Read More

Washed Mndsgn

WASHED OUT TOUR DATES 26 Nov: Istanbul @ Salon 1 Dec: Brussels @ VK 3 Dec: Berlin @ Festsaal Kreuzberg 4 Dec: Amsterdam @ Melkweg... Read More

Mndsgn – "GOTEEM!" – new track and Japan, Europe tour dates

Here's a new track from Mndsgn – "GOTEEM!" – fresh from the studio. Mndsgn (Ringgo Ancheta) will be touring in Asia in the next few... Read More

Video: Mndsgn live at Red Gate

Mndsgn performed “Lather” from the album Body Wash, with Swarvy (bass), Kiefer (keys), Jonah (trombone), and Emile (trumpet) at Red Gate studio in Los Angeles... Read More

Mndsgn and Ahwlee's Rap Vacation X-Mas album on red and green vinyl

In the store | MNDSGN & AHWLEE - RAP VACATION X-MAS A couple years ago Mndsgn & producer Ahwlee released an tape of X-mas tracks.... Read More

Joyce Wrice and Kay Franklin – “Rocket Science”

In the store | JOYCE WRICE & KAY FRANKLIN - ROCKET SCIENCE New 7-inch single and video by Los Angeles vocalist Joyce Wrice, and Kay... Read More

Stones Throw Superfest – THE WRAPUP

We had a free all-day show in Los Angeles, November 5, 2016, a part of Red Bull Sound Select's 30 Days in L.A. Common headlined.... Read More

Mndsgn - Alluptoyou

Alluptoyou is from Mndsgn's new album Body Wash. The video was illustrated and directed by Japanese artist Ryu Okubo, who Mndsgn met on his tour... Read More

1 bar of Body Wash

Cassette Store Day 2016: MNDSGN - BODY WASH We do not have our own popup cassette shop this year, but we are proud to present... Read More

Talk Easy with Mndsgn

Talk Easy is a weekly podcast of long-form interviews with people from all walks of life, hosted by writer Sam Fragoso. This week's interview it... Read More

Mndsgn – Wherever U R

Mndsgn's Body Wash is out today. Here's a video for ”Wherever U R,” shot on VHR by Alima Jennings. Mndsgn has a record release party... Read More

Mndsgn – “Use Ya Mnd (Twentyfourseven)”

In the store | MNDSGN - BODY WASH Mndsgn offers some solid advice in this single from his forthcoming album Body Wash: You gotta use... Read More

Mndsgn “Cosmic Perspective” Video

Mndsgn – "Cosmic Perspetive" – from the album Body Wash. Here's some photos on the set with Anaka Morris, Alima Jennings, Zeroh, Eagle Nebula, Ras... Read More

Mndsgn – BODY WASH

In the store | MNDSGN - BODY WASH “Cosmic Perspective” video created by Ringgo Ancheta & Alima Jennings, directed & edited by Eric Coleman. Mndsgn... Read More

Mndsgn – “Ya Own Way”

New stuff from Mndsgn right here – “Ya own way.” Expect a new album later this year, unless we totally screw up. Until then, put... Read More

Mndsgn Remix: Benny Sings "The Beach House"

Here's a remix Mndsgn did for "The Beach House" by Dutch artist Benny Sings. Mndsgn is working on a new album himself, but this ought... Read More

Mndsgn and Nanna B “Akasha”

In the store | MNDSGN & NANNA B. – AKASHA 7-inch single with 14 x 21-inch newsprint poster. Instant digital download. Released by Akashik Records.... Read More

Vivians – The Shaw (video)

Here's a video from Vivians (Mndsgn & Koreatown Oddity) for "The Shaw (in the 90s)" featuring Nanna B. The clip was directed & edited by... Read More

In the dungeon: Mndsgn (video)

Here's Mndsgn in the dungeon performing "Camelblues" with Swarvy (bass) and Knxwledge (weed). This was filmed by Ross Harris, who also shot the music video... Read More

Stones Throw Podcast 92: Mndsgn

Stones Throw Podcast is free. Subscribe using any podcast software or aggregator. iTunes | #92 MNDSGN Mndsgn aka Ringgo Ancheta has a mixtape series called... Read More

1994 in Los Angeles with Mndsgn, Ras G, RP Boo

This Sunday March 8th in Los Angeles, Mndsgn, Ras G, Cakedog and footwork originator RP Boo, among others, perform at 1994. This is the first... Read More

Mndsgn's Surface Outtakes on vinyl

In the store | MNDSGN - SURFACE OUTTAKES Last summer Leaving Records relaesed a cassette of Mndsgn's outtakes, b-sides, and unreleased ideas just before his... Read More

Mndsgn – Frugality, Zen and Homewards – a short film

Short film directed by Tuomas Vauhkonen & Jeremias Niemen with the music of Mndsgn's "Frugality," "Zen," and "Homewards" from the album Yawn Zen. Mndsgn is... Read More

Yung Life Tour – Asia

Stones Throw will bring the Yung Life Tour to Asia (Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong and Manila) following three dates in Japan. Performing will be Knxwledge,... Read More

Mndsgn - Camelblues video

Mndsgn has another video from the album Yawn Zen. "Camelblues" is by Ross Harris, with help from Jeremy Ian Thomas, shot on location in so.... Read More

Knxwldge and Mndsgn are on the cover of this magazine right here.

The good folks at LA Record have Knwledge and Mndsgn on the cover of the latest issue, with each producer interviewed by Sweeny Kovar. Mndsgn... Read More

Yung Life Tour – Knx, Mndsgn and Pyramid Vritra in Japan

Stones Throw and Stussy have teamed to bring these new yung artists to Japan – Knxwledge, who will debut new beats for the tour, Pyramid... Read More

Mndsgn - Sheets (video)

Mndsgn's album Yawn Zen came out in the last days of summer. Here's a new video for the track "Sheets" directed by PBDY. (Vowel haters.) Read More

Mndsgn mixtape for Bonafide

Mndsgn mixtape for UK's Bonafide Magazine Roger Webb Sound – Think Twice Mikio Masuda – I Saw The Light Koreatown Oddity – H2Ocean Steve Gray... Read More

Mndsgn – TXT (MSGS) – video

The album Yawn Zen is released today. Here's the video for "TXT (MSGS)" by José Wolff. Production Assistance by Jenny Sayaka Norris and Jesús Villa-Caratachea.... Read More

Mndsgn – YAWN ZEN

In the store | MNDSGN - YAWN ZEN Ringgo Ancheta is an anomaly among hip-hop producers - not raised in the suburbs on a steady... Read More

Mndsgn. Eggs. Video.

Ringgo Ancheta is Mndsgn. “Eggs” is from Surface Outtakes and the video is directed by Alima Jennings. August 9th, Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles: Join... Read More

Mndsgn on Boiler Room: Breakfast with Ringgo

On the 1st of each month Boiler Room runs a monthly morning show on the web called Breakfast with Ringo, hosted by Mndsgn (Ringgo Ancheta,... Read More

NY Times: Mndsgn 'Surface Outtakes'

"Marching Bands, Kierkegaard and Other Musical Influences" by Nate Chinen for The New York Times, published July 13, 2014 Mndsgn | SURFACE OUTTAKES The underground... Read More

Mndsgn's Surface Outtakes cassette

In the store | MNDSGN - SURFACE OUTTAKES Leaving Records has released a cassette from Mndsgn (birth name: Ringgo Anchetta) with various outtakes, b-sides, and... Read More

Meet Mndsgn.

Mndsgn is pronounced mind design. The law calls him Ringgo. His album Yawn Zen will be released August 26 on Stones Throw Records. Ringgo Ancheta... Read More


Mndsgn (born Ringgo Ancheta) grew up in south New Jersey, raised with Gospel music at church, and B-Boy culture at home. Experimenting with beat-making, he befriended fellow producer Knxwledge and the two formed the influential Klipmode collective (along with Devonwho and Suzi Analogue). Mndsgn's music flourished when he moved to Los Angeles, catching the attention of Stones Throw who released Yawn Zen (2014) and Body Wash (2016).