Kirby’s Gold, a Los Angeles travelogue hosted by John Carroll Kirby; produced by Ross Harris and John Carroll Kirby.

Episode 4: Is the first time John hosts the show outside of Los Angeles – with the Kawe Calypso Band, filmed at the Hotel Aguas Claras in Puerto Viego, Costa Rica.

John Carroll Kirby Live
May 30: Billboard Live, Tokyo
Aug 25-28: We Out Here Festival, Cambridgeshire

“The inspiration was a beloved public access show by the name of California’s Gold with Huell Howser, but Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood and Bob Ross were in mind as well. We admired the relaxed pace of these shows. Anti-anxiety focused. A video Xanax if you will.” – Ross Harris

“Huell Howser was the inspiration for his unrelenting enthusiasm and oafish charm. I wanted to converse and jam with people that I find special in the vast landscape of LA. There’s a lot of superficiality here, but once you find the right people, it really is golden.” – John Carroll Kirby

The pilot episode of Kirby’s Gold features artist Ariana Papademetropoulos.

Episode 2: John and musician SK Kakraba explore SK’s instrument, the Gyil, a xylophone-like instrument from his native country of Ghana.

Episode 3: John visits and performs with Nevenka Folk Ensemble.

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