Pianist, producer and composer John Carroll Kirby’s album My Garden will be released April 24, 2020 – his first album for Stones Throw.

Kirby is a go-to collaborator for a number of artists including R&B innovators Solange and Frank Ocean, but My Garden is pure Kirby – solo recorded and produced.


“By The Sea” was inspired by and written on the Tamara Beach in Sydney, Australia. Visuals by director Michael Flanaghan.

“Blueberry Beads” starts the album off upbeat, as John describes it, “drawing inspiration from Japanese computer jazzer Yoshio Suzuki … I’m trying to find the depth in being playful, the humanity in technology. I recorded the piano with iPhone voice memos and the flutes are samples instead of a real player. Imagine late 60’s Herbie Hancock played by Sophia, the humanoid AI.”

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