John Carroll Kirby

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Pianist, producer and composer.

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John Carroll Kirby – CONFLICT

"Absorb the pain and react smoothly... don't become distracted by the white noise of possibilities... experience a flow-like state, even an Ultra Instinct" — Platinum... Read More

John Carroll Kirby: Producer & Performer Spotlight

“I've had the chance to work with some of the best and am proud to consider myself as much an accompanist as a soloist ...”... Read More

John Carroll Kirby – "By the Sea" from MY GARDEN – coming April 24, 2020

Pianist, producer and composer John Carroll Kirby’s album My Garden will be released April 24, 2020 – his first album for Stones Throw. Kirby is a go-to... Read More

John Carroll Kirby

Pianist, producer and composer.