June 21, 2010

Arabian Prince Let's Hit The Beach Video

Directors Bunny Holiday and Pop Levi Read More

August 15, 2008

Arabian Prince's Electro Legacy Gives Gangstas Something 2 Dance 2-Again

Before they were Niggaz With Attitude, N.W.A were negroes with activator. That’s the case made by Arabian Prince’s Innovative Life: The Anthology, 1984-1989, which compiles... Read More

August 14, 2008

Arabian Prince–Innovative Life Earplug Review

A onetime member of incendiary rap act N.W.A., freaky electro producer Arabian Prince exudes period style; Innovative Life, Stones Throw's loving anthology of his early... Read More

July 31, 2008

Arabian Prince Innovative Life

Arabian Prince is like the Pete Best of NWA. He was in there at the embryonic stage just long enough for Dre to deactivate his... Read More