Gabriel da Rosa, native of Cruz Alta, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, plays traditional-inspired Brazilian bossa nova and samba. He joined the Stones Throw roster in 2022 and his first single is “Jasmim parte 1.”

Growing up in rural southern Brazil with a radio DJ for a father, Gabriel da Rosa was exposed to all kinds of music from his home country, but it wasn’t until he moved to Los Angeles that he began curating Brazilian records and DJing himself. He bonded with Stones Throw’s founder, artist and DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, over their shared love of Brazilian music, and began writing his own bossa with collaborator Pedro Dom, a musician who’s worked with some of Brazil’s best internationally known artists (Seu Jorge, Rodrigo Amarante and Latin Grammy Award winner Ian Ramil).

Gabriel da Rosa’s debut song “Jasmim Parte 1” is about the enchanted feelings of first meeting someone but having doubts about whether the connection will last. In Portuguese, he sings, “uncertainty that scares me, but nothing’s what i got, the choice then is to believe, that in this dream I will live.” As Gabriel puts it, the song is about “wanting to remain in an eternal fairytale.” In the music video directed by Ross Harris, Gabriel plays and sings as a dancer improvises moves around him. Look out for more music from Gabriel da Rosa soon.

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