Gabriel da Rosa released his debut album É o que a casa oferece on Stones Throw back in February. Now he returns with his new song “Cafuné” to round out the year – a continuation of Gabriel paying tribute to the bossa nova that raised him.

For “Cafuné”, written for an upcoming independent film All Happy Families directed by Haroula Rose, Gabriel teamed up with LA string composer Oliver Hill. The Portuguese word “Cafuné” loosely translates to the act of running your fingers through someone’s hair in a tender way: “An act that is calming and loving, and is used to show affection toward people closest to us.” The song comes with a music video also directed by Haroula Rose, featuring Gabriel’s band and a group of dancers interpreting the song’s meaning through movement.

Listen to Gabriel da Rosa – “Cafuné”

“Cafuné” artwork by Mikki Lee.

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