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“There’s a secret society of Benny Sings fans ready to share him with the world” – NPR Music

In an industry always pinning its hopes on the next big trend, Benny Sings is in it for the long haul. The Dutch artist has honed a signature sound while creating a colorful catalog of essential pop gems that have led to loyal global following.

Benny’s songs are sophisticated and easy to fall in love with, ear-worming melodies and sticky choruses the result of years of craft that have made him the ultimate songwriter’s songwriter. Rex Orange County, with whom Benny wrote the platinum hit ‘Loving Is Easy’, says, “In my opinion he’s one of the most underrated producers and artists going.”

“Here It Comes” – new track from the album Music

Benny cut his teeth as a studio collaborator and to this day is as comfortable working with a huge range of musicians as he is writing his own distinct songs. He says: “I’ve learned along the way that working with other artists enriches my music. I’m a bit of a loner, and because of that I’ve always had more affinity with songwriters than with musicians. Over the past few years I’ve been actively chasing collaborations with kindred spirits.”

Some of those kindred spirits bring their talents to new album Music. Mac DeMarco lends deadpan vocals to ‘Rolled Up’; Tom Misch contributes a blazing guitar solo to ‘Nobody’s Fault’; the title track was written with songwriter P.J. Morton, and ‘Kids’ features L.A. rapper KYLE. Cautious Clay appears on the laid-back pop song ‘Run Right Back’, and Kelsey Gonzales of The Free Nationals and Emily King contribute vocals to the ecstatic, gospel-influenced ‘Miracles’. Music was engineered and mixed by Renaud Letang, of the famed Studios Ferber in Paris.

Before Benny even started working on the album, he had an idea for a song that he knew would be a perfect fit for Mac DeMarco. When the two artists met up in L.A., they wrote ‘Rolled Up’ together almost effortlessly – even its opening lyric came about by happenstance, overheard from someone in the street. A song about feeling down without any reason, ‘Rolled Up’ is a counterpoint to the album’s generally upbeat tone.

At a time when music is needed more than ever, to soothe and bring solace, Benny delivers. On Music’s title track, he sings: “Music, help me through this, whenever I’m down on the floor.” He says: “It’s so easy to get overstimulated in the world today. We need light and air, we need something that energizes us.”

In 2019, Benny made his Stones Throw debut with City Pop, which has 15 million streams and Music will be his eighth studio album. “I’ll always be amazed by the magic of music – how something can spring into being that simply transcends everything.”

MUSIC – Track List
1. Nobody’s Fault feat. Tom Misch
2. Here It Comes
3. Sunny Afternoon
4. Rolled Up feat. Mac DeMarco
5. Lost Again
6. Break Away
7. Kids feat. KYLE
8. Run Right Back feat. Cautious Clay
9. Miracles feat. Emily King
10. Music

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