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Jaylib Vs. J Rocc 7"
Jaylib Vs. J Rocc 7"


7-inch Stones Throw STH4006

Description: J. Rocc was the third member of Jaylib, the DJ for both Madlib and Dilla, on the turntables for each of the shows the guys did together. 

When Jaylib's album Champion Sound was wrapped up, J.Rocc put together a mixtape of Dilla, Madlib and Jaylib songs, as well as some of their sources, essentially telling the story of this group.  That mixtape is on this 45, which was released as the bonus 45 with Champion Sound.

The photos were taken by B+ of Madlib in his studio in L.A. and Dilla in his in Detroit.  The two hadn't yet taken photos together.  B+ also came up with the concept for this packaging: a cutout photo sleeve with a second sleeve inside, juxtaposing the photos of Madlib and Dilla.

This mix was also released on a CD with no cover.  Both the CD and 45 are long out of stock, but you can listen here:
Jaylib vs. J Rocc

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1.  Untitled feat. J Rocc 1 Jaylib Jaylib
2.  Untitled feat. J Rocc 2 Jaylib Jaylib