Back in 2007, Madlib remixed every J Dilla vocal tracks on their collaboration album, Champion Sound. These remixes were released on CD, but never before on vinyl. The LP will be released everywhere January 13, and is shipping now from Stones Throw.

The collaboration as Jaylib began in an off-hand way, with Madlib rapping over a few Dilla beats for his on a small-run white-label 12-inch in 2002. Dilla caught wind of the record and told us, “if you’re going to do this, do it right.” Thanks to him, the official Madlib/Dilla collaboration was born.

The first round of tracks Dilla turned in, with himself rapping over Madlib beats, contained “Da Rawkus.” This track was left off the original album because someone else at the time hoped to use the beat, although they never did. Madlib remixed “Da Rawkus” with the other tracks in 2007, but the original has never been released until now.

Jaylib’s Champion Sound was released in October 2003. Dilla was in Los Angeles that year to shoot a video for the album, and moved out here shortly after, but they never performed together until April 2004, when Dilla appeared unannounced with Madlib on stage at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles. Jaylib – Madlib, Dilla, and J Rocc on the turntables – performed around 6 or 7 shows that year, including a short tour with Madvillain, a Rock the Bells festival, and a tiny art gallery show in Santa Monica. We always wish there could have been more.

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