“Low-key R&B legend” Eddie Chacon made an indelible mark in popular music as half of the duo Charles & Eddie, whose 1992 single “Would You Lie To Me” was a number one hit heard around the world. The group’s 4-million-records-sold rocket to the stars lasted a few years, and Eddie spent the next couple of decades carving out a career as a photographer and creative director. He returned to music in 2020 in collaboration with John Carroll Kirby. We’re proud to announce he’s signed with Stones Throw Records, and is prepping a full-length album.

“Comes & Goes” is out today. “Holy Hell” came out this summer.

Eddie’s history is covered in a 2020 profile for FADER by Alex Robert Ross: “Chacon is one of music’s most interesting people. He formed his first band in the mid ’70s at age 12 with his friends Cliff Burton and Mike Bordin … Burton would go on to play bass in Metallica and Bordin would become a founding member of Faith No More, but Chacon took a different path …”

After a gig as staff songwriter for CBS Songs, and an album released under a pseudonym on 2 Live Crew-affiliate label, Chacon moved to New York and teamed up with Charles Pettigrew as Charles & Eddie. The duo split up in 1995 after two albums, and Chacon went back to writing songs for others. He backed away from songwriting to focus on photography, eventually landing the role of Creative Director at AUTRE Magazine.

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