For their new song “Theodor Marmalade”, Apifera discovers a new sound which synthesizes psychedelic rock with the alternative jazz they are best known for. The group adds their own lyrics for the first time, and tells an introspective story of a curious fellow named Theodor – after escaping from humanity, Theodor peacefully lives within nature, though eventually finds himself yearning for the urban energy of modern society.

Listen to Apifera – “Theodor Marmalade”

Apifera says: “We all grew up in cities and at some point got tired of them. There’s always a dream of leaving to some secluded spot, but once you’re there, you feel detached from society, however fucked up it is.” Mindful that this is a heartbreaking time of violence and war, the band adds, “We do not support violence of any kind and can’t fathom how the world today could choose anything other than peace, but until such a time comes when humanity can transcend boundaries and conflicts, we are dedicated to spreading love and light through the unifying power of music.”

The four members of Apifera – Nitai Hershkovits, Yuvi Havkin (Rejoicer), Amir Bresler and Yonatan Albalak – meld their different musical backgrounds into an ever-evolving style that flits between genres. They reconnected at Yuvi’s studio for an intimate live performance of the new track, directed & edited by Tom Gan-or with art design and styling by Noga Deiy.

The group released their debut album Overstand on Stones Throw in 2021. Stay tuned for more new music from Apifera coming later this year.

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