Apifera shares their new track “Bazooka Zoo” – a composition that came together during an intense session at Rejoicer’s studio. The song follows the recently released “Theodor Marmalade” which featured original vocals by the band for the first time. Their upcoming album is on the way later this year.

Listen to Apifera – “Bazooka Zoo”

The four members of Apifera – Nitai Hershkovits (vocals and keys), Yuvi Havkin also known as Rejoicer (bass), Amir Bresler (drums) and Yonatan Albalak (vocals and guitar) – meld their different musical backgrounds into an ever-evolving style that flits between genres. The group released their debut album Overstand on Stones Throw in 2021. A new live performance was directed and edited by Tom Gan-or.

Stay tuned for more new music from Apifera coming soon.

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