Mndsgn drew and painted the original pieces that turned into his album cover for Rare Pleasure. Those works inspired his new video from the album, “Colours of the Sunset” directed by Flatspot, as well as an ongoing series called “Ringgo in Colour” directed by Ross Harris.


Ringgo in Colour, a mini-series by Mndsgn and director Ross Harris, showing a different side of the artist and unpack his various influences. The first episode dives into his love of illustration, the artist himself creating all the artwork for the album cover and singles. All of the soundtrack music is from Mndsgn’s Rare Pleasure.

Speaking on his aim with the series, Mndsgn says, “the world isn’t so black & white, rather a vast spectrum of hues. This is just Ringgo in colour.”

Director Ross Harris adds, “I feel like Ringgo approaches his art whether it be music or drawing or paint from a place of playful curiosity but always ends up someplace deep and truly resonant. I aspire to the same process.”

Ringgo in Colour also includes appearances from Devin Morrison, who is in Ringgo’s live band and sings on the record, and arrives after the aforementioned Rare Pleasure was released earlier this month via Stones Throw Records. Mndsgn’s third album on the label, the record, which SPIN called “a monument to life’s basic delights,” truly shows the artist’s evolution from his roots as a heralded beatmaker to vocalist, songwriter and arranger.

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