Mndsgn has been releasing his ‘Snax’ series between albums for a few years now – there was Snax in 2018, Snaxx in 2019, and now the new record Snaxxx, is out now alongside a new music video for “UdontwannafallintheLAVA”, directed and edited by Ringgo with help from collaborator and friend Lionmilk. The project is a collection of a fun-sized treats best enjoyed with loved ones.

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Looser in form than an album but more substantial than a beat tape, Snaxxx has all the playful rhythms and earworming melodies Mndsgn has become known for since he debuted in 2014 with Yawn Zen. While Mndsgn’s albums have a contemplative feel, Snaxxx‘s shifting moods mirroring how “we graze, oscillating from salty to sweet.”

The artwork, which Mndsgn created himself, evokes the nostalgic feeling of snack packaging at Asian supermarkets. Unlike his recent album Rare Pleasure, which was recorded and performed with a full band, Snaxxx is a solo production record featuring a few collaborators – Mndsgn’s close friends Anna Wise, Liv.e, and Devin Morrison.

The album kicked off with “Finallyalone” with an animated visualizer created by Steph Hope.

The second single for Snaxxx: “YUM.ME”

“(my)PLEASURE” featuring Liv.e

Mndsgn is playing dates in the UK and Europe this autumn, see below for a list of dates, with more to be announced soon.

Snaxxx – Tracklist
01. YUM.ME
02. UdontwannafallintheLAVA
03. MakeU
04. Finallyalone
05. Hoursafter Interlude Ft. Devin Morrison
06. Particular Flowr ft. Anna Wise
07. Fillsmeup
08. Living Colours
09. Midnitesnaq
11. Dah’s Baker
12. Papercrane
13. (my)PLEASURE ft. Liv.e
14. Playinthesegames ft. Liv.e
15. Walkawn Interlude
16. SNT

Mndsgn – Live Dates
Oct 27 – New York, NY – SOB’s (Spotify: Filipino Heritage Month)
Nov 2 – London, UK – Outernet (w/ Flying Lotus)
Nov 3 – Berlin, DE – Gretchen
Nov 4 – Cologne, DE – Jaki
Nov 5 – London, UK – The Jazz Cafe
Nov 8 – Manchester, UK – The Blues Kitchen
Nov 9 – Milan, IT – Biko
Nov 10 – Bologna, IT – Locomotiv (Alfa Mist Afterparty)
Nov 11 – Rome, IT – Alcazar

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