Outside-In Festival in Sydney Australia, September 21st, will feature Jonti the collective Astral People in a live performance of the seminal Avalanches' album Since I Left You. Today the group released a preview of the performance in a video for "Frontier Psychiatrist."

Speaking to Australian music website Music Feeds, band leader Jonti talked about the performance and the genesis of the idea:

Since I Left You is my favorite album in the world and has come in at almost every important time in my life. The idea came about for this project when I was asked to contribute to the forthcoming album by the almighty Avalanches. I wanted to show my appreciation. In addition, I always wanted to play OutsideIn Festival and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to present the show."

Shouts to the guy rocking the Donuts shirt and dude that looks like The Alchemist on the turntables.

Jonti – Guitar, Samples, Vocals
Moses Macrae – Drums, Donuts Shirt
Matt Migz – Turntables, Alchemist Lookalike
Daniel Finn – Drums, SPD Drums, Vocals
Moktar Youngblood – MPD Samples, Vocals, Percussion
Rainbow Chan – Lead Vocals, Saxophone
Rose Chan – Moog Opus 3, Flute, Vocals
Steve Adler – Bass, Double Bass
Tess Nicolaou – Violin, Vocals
Vanessa Tammetta – Violi

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