Boardwalk is Mike Edge and Amber Quintero from Los Angeles. Their album Boardwalk will be released October 15.

This video for “High Water” was shot by Alfredo Lopez earlier this summer in Red Rock Canyon in the western Mojave Desert.

Amber remembers: “We arrived right before sundown and drove off road a few miles into a marked restricted area to get closer to the rocks.  The ground was totally untouched and was scattered with rocks in pink, orange, green, blue, yellow and purple. The caves were full of bats who flew above us all night. While we were cooking dinner on the camp fire, Mike noticed something in the sky. He has over 20/20 vision but I had to dig thru my backpack to find my glasses. What we saw looked like a star except it was doing little loops in the sky. After looping for awhile it would switch to a zigzag pattern. It stayed so long that we just went back to shooting. Later we saw another one. The temperature was perfect at night, but we had to pack everything up before sunrise to avoid the extreme desert heat.”

Boardwalk debuted this summer with the track & video “I’m to Blame.”

Catch them live in the Los Angeles area September 29th the Abbot Kinney Music Festival in Venice CA, and October 5th at the Eagle Rock Music Festival, a free show.