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Triple Fat Lice Poem by Homeboy Sandman

     Triple Fat Lice is similar to Die Hard With a Vengeance in that it is a part 3 that gets very busy. It’s also like Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3 in that regard the dream warriors kicking Freddy’s ass with all their special powers.

     Triple Fat Lice is not at all like Halloween part 3 that didn’t even have Michael Myers in it and was about roaches or something I don’t even really know it might have been a great horror movie in it’s own right but I was so appalled Michael Myers wasn’t even in it. Triple Fat Lice is also nothing at all like Beverly Hills Cop 3 which to me was almost like sacrilege but no disrespect that’s just my own personal opinion.

     Even though Back to the Future Part III and Terminator 3 are not as sensational as Triple Fat Lice (something they share in common with every other movie in this poem as well as everything else that has ever existed) I feel like they get a bad rap. Seemed like people didn’t give Back to the Future Part 3 a chance because they were put off by the old west setting just like people for whatever reason don’t give westerns in general a chance even though there are definitely some amazing westerns (including but not limited to The Outlaw Josey Wales, Bone Tomahawk, and 3:10 to Yuma. Aes actually put me on to Bone Tomahawk which we agree is fantastic even though we often disagree on films particularly on the Mad Max that just came out with Tom Hardy I love Tom Hardy but that shit was so absurdly boring to me with the exception of that scene where he fights Charlize Theron which was early in the movie so I got hyped like the rest was going to be good but then basically the rest of the movie was a bunch of scenes that were exactly the same. To me.

     In closing, my father thinks that Godfather Part III gets a bad rap because it exposes corruption in the Vatican and that may be true but I actually authentically just don’t find it as good as the first two. Andy Garcia is hard tho.

     Triple Fat Lice.

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