We were fans of KMD. We were fans of Operation: Doomsday. When one day Madlib said he wanted to work with the MC, one of us knew a guy who knew the guy. They got in touch. And thus began one of the great collaborations in Hip-Hop history, and the beginning of Stones Throw’s association with the one and only MF DOOM.

The crew here was devastated by the announcement a few days ago that he was no longer with us, a blow made somewhat less harsh by the wonderful letter posted by his family: Begin all things by giving thanks to THE ALL!

Thank you Daniel Dumile, MF DOOM.

He arrived in Los Angeles to meet Madlib some time in 2002. We operated the label from a home at the time, and Madlib had set up shop in its former bomb shelter basement. Doom would show up each day, chatting with Madlib for a short while, writing on the back porch. “Doing bong hits, on the roof, in the west coast.” Demos for the tracks “Figaro” and “Meat Grinder” came out of that trip, and Madvillain was born. Madvillainy dropped March 23, 2004.

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