Lootpack’s Loopdigga EPMadlib gems from out-of-print Lootpack singles, collected on vinyl, audio taken from the original masters.

Lootpack ushered in a string of excellent releases by Madlib and Stones Throw, serving notice that the west coast underground scene was becoming one of tremendous creative vitality. Much of the album’s success is due to fantastic production by Madlib, who takes his place as one of the West Coast’s most imaginative trackmasters.” – ALLMUSIC

Lootpack – Madlib, Wildchild and DJ Romes – formed in the sea-side town of Oxnard CA, a couple hours north of Los Angeles, and a lifetime away from the mainstream hip-hop world.  When Wolf signed the group to Stones Throw in 1998, Madlib had already produced an impressive body of work, enough to fill a 3LP debut album (“Soundpieces”) and a series of 12-inch singles.  Loopdigga EP collects the rare tracks on those out-of-print singles, each taken from the original master record.

“Loopdigga,” the title track featuring Madlib and MED, is as definitive as any Madlib production of this area, with three disconnected hip-hop verses about digging for records, connected by dusty jazz interludes and the sounds of Quasimoto browsing a record store.

“Weededed Remix,” featuring Rasco and Oh No, on the other hand, is one of the most unlikely hip-hop themes: a track about the joys of life without weed. (Wildchild wrote that one.)

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