Reissue of the full-length wide-spine, 3/LP vinyl edition, plus the bonus “Bone Marrow” 7-inch single.  

Originally released in 1999, Soundpieces was the debut album production by Madlib and an introduction to a whole stable of MCs – Quasimoto, Oh No, Declaime, MED. The full 70-min 3/LP edition was only in circulation during the first couple of years after the album’s release, but is now being brought back on
March 27th, together with a Soundpieces-era track “Bone Marrow” which is included at a 7-inch single.

A quick background: Peanut Butter Wolf discovered Lootpack while hearing “Attack Of The Tupperware Puppets” from their self-released Psyche Move EP, played by DJ Lady T on Bay Area college radio station KSCU in 1996. After a quick call to the station, then the group, they were signed to Stones Throw to work on Soundpieces.

Lootpack’s Soundpieces ushered in a string of excellent productions by Madlib, serving notice that the West Coast underground scene was becoming one of tremendous creative vitality.  With this albums fantastic production, Madlib began to stake his claim as one of hip-hop’s most imaginative track masters, underground or otherwise.  (The album also got the attention of J Dilla who later would work with Madlib and Stones Throw.)

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