Update: These are sold out. Last few copies are available at HHV.de

Knxwledge’s self-released Meek tapes are coming out on vinyl. Meek Vol. 1-2 is announced today with 15 tracks: vol. 1 on side A, vol. 2 on side B, remastered for vinyl in 2020. This vinyl is available on Knxwledge’s Bandcamp and Stones Throw.

VINYL. The standard LP has the brown-tinted sleeve, embossed lettering on back, and “beat tape” written in four languages in the corners of the front cover. Artwork by McKay Felt.

TEST PRESS VINYL. Limited 100 pieces for sale, numbered, with sleeves individually screen-printed by Hit+Run. These are one-of-a-kind covers, colors vary on each.

Note: A total of 120 test press records were made, and 140 covers were printed and numbered. The 100 copies sold by Stones Throw contained sleeves numbered within the 001-140 range. The additional records were distributed privately. Some of the additional sleeves were distributed privately; a small number (less than 10) were destroyed. 

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