In the store | HIT+RUN – 777

2/LP with J Rocc, Gaslamp Killer, Kutmah, Knx, Ras G, Jeremiah Jae & crew. Check the photos for multi colored vinyl.

One of the best series of records in 2013 was here in Los Angeles: HIT+RUN, the silkscreen crew who is a part of the musical fabric of the L.A. beat scene released seven small-run 7-inch vinyl singles to celebrate their 7th anniversary. Each single was filled with exclusive songs by 'mystery producers,' pressed on colored vinyl and housed in a screen printed jacket.  
And now, the 29 tracks have been compiled onto this very special double LP by Hit+Run called 777. Each of the records is pressed on one-of-a-kind two-color vinyl (red/blue, bone/gold). The LP cover art features a collage of all 14 screen printed "777" singles featuring self-portraits of each producer. 800 copies are being made.

The track list is below. Photography by B+, Jason Barbegelott, Jesse Elias, Nassirah Nelson and Marcoso Oliva; design by Brandy Flower.

This is not Hit+Run's first involvement with vinyl. See: Madlib Medicine Show LP series, Dublab's Secondhand Sureshots, Dub Club's dub vinyl.

SIDE A (19:39)
Mono/Poly “Triad”
Shash’u “Boogie Buster”
Crimekillz “Cocaine Problem”
Jeremiah Jae (Ft. Isreal) “New Day”
Zeroh “Legacy”
Kutmah (Ft. Holy Smoke) “Black Myth”

SIDE B (19:36)
Gonjasufi “Fish Bite / The Synagogue”
J.Rocc “Andreti’s Theme”
Zackey Force Funk “Force Funk Sound”
Jeremiah Jae (Ft. Franklin Tabasco) “Rawmoney Shit”
Dibia$E “Plasma”
Ras G “Daal… Garlic Naan”
Kutmah “Sacred No More”

SIDE C (19:30)
The Gaslamp Killer “He’s Watching You”
Dibia$E “Hotboxin”
Crimekillz “Your City Here”
Computer Jay “The Renaissance Rising”
Ras G “Beta Isreal”
Dibia$E “Good Deeds”
Knx “Urluhv”
Knx “Drt”
Kutmah “Changin’”

SIDE D (16:58)
Ras G “Dealing Wit Urflings”
Shash’u “Summer Time”
Computer Jay “The Death Wish Harmony”
Crimekillz “Wolves”
Zackey Force Funk (Ft. Reggie Blount) “Pump”
Knx “Kerfew”
Knx “Dntkry”

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