DOOM is featured in the latest issue of Intersection Magazine, a car/culture/fashion magazine, with an interview by Tom Hall covering his latest project JJ DOOM, and – perhaps most important of all? – his passion for motorized, radio-controlled toy cars.  

“I'll easily spend two thousand dollars on one of those.  Every kid wants to have a remote controlled car, but back when I was a kid we couldn't afford it.  One day I said OK I'm goinna treat myself and there down 500 dollars for one of these.  It was a T-Maxx from the Traxxas company." 

Intersection set DOOM up with a array of cars to test and review (rating scale: 1-5 masks).  The second place is seen below.  To find out what took the top spot, pick up Intersection's winter issue at the local news stand or online at Intersection Mag.


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