Vex Ruffin releases his second EP today entitled Eulogy which we're currently making available as a free download.  The new work is a follow up to his debut effort, Crash Course.  The 6-track EP Eulogy picks up with the minimalist pop of “Secret Weapon”, the post-punk “Perfect Congestion” and the goth, dark wave title track.   Like Crash Course, all of the tracks on Eulogy were written, performed and recorded solely by Vex.  Stones Throw plans on releasing a vinyl edition of Eulogy as well as a third, as-yet untitled EP this Summer followed by Vex’s full length debut in the Fall.


Vex’s live band will be playing a series of shows in Austin at the SXSW music conference, including the official Stones Throw showcase on March 13th.  With the addition of drummer Liv Marsico, the four-piece band brings to life songs that were previously only performed solo by Vex in his studio.   The band will also be playing a warm up show at Stones Throw’s bi-monthly party “56” in Los Angeles on March 8th.

“Crash Course, displays his talent for creating lo-fi leaning, sometimes scuzzy music . . .  he has a knack for etching out songs memorable on their own merits.” – Village Voice

“The Crash Course EP . . . reflects his childhood taste, ie '80s new wave goth and rambunctious Ruff Ryders rap.” – LA Weekly
“Ruffin has undeniable talent and one awaits its development with interest … the next whiz kid out of L.A.’s celebrated Stones Throw Records” – SF Weekly

Vex Ruffin Live
March 8: Los Angeles, CA – “56” at Mr. T’s
March 13: Austin, TX – Stones Throw SXSW Official Showcase


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