We’re celebrating 50 years of Haruomi Hosono’s iconic solo debut Hosono House with a new covers compilation set to release later this year. The first track is out today: “Boku Wa Chotto” covered by Mac DeMarco.

Listen to Mac Demarco’s cover of Haruomi Hosono’s “Boku Wa Chotto”

Haruomi (or Harry) Hosono is a founding member of both the influential folk-rock group Happy End and the pioneering electronic trio Yellow Magic Orchestra. His 1973 solo debut Hosono House perfectly blended folk, country, calypso and funk – and still sounds as fresh today as it did a half-century ago.

Mac says: “Hosono is my hero, I love all of his music, I am eternally at his every beck and call, it is my honor to be a part of this compilation. I recorded this cover in Joe Bird’s guest room in Paris, August 2023. I hope my Japanese pronunciation isn’t too horrible.”

Other Stones Throw artists involved in the project include John Carroll Kirby featuring The Mizuhara Sisters (Kiko & Yuka), Jerry Paper, Pearl & The Oysters, as well as Sam Gendel, Cornelius, Akiko Yano, Yuma Abe, mei ehara, rei harakami, Kukuku (Ikuko Harada & Manami Kakudo), and more. The upcoming covers compilation will be released in partnership with KAKUBARHYTHM & Bayon Production in Japan with a wider vinyl and digital release coming later in 2024.

Hosono House’s strange beauty has been beloved by music fans and artists around the world for half a century. Now, musicians who’ve been obsessed with the album their whole lives are interpreting it themselves.

Stay tuned for more new music coming soon.