MF DOOM rapped over a few beats from J Dilla’s Donuts.

According to a couple of our hazy recollections, right after Dilla died Doom showed up and said that Dilla had appeared to him in a dream saying, “We gotta collab.” He went on to say he’d already done three tracks, all of them from Donuts. The first of these to come out was “Mash’s Revenge,” a rework of “Mash,” released on a Stones Throw 12-inch single and a compilation album in 2007. “Sniper Elite,” recorded over “Anti-American Graffiti,” was a digital release in 2008 which was later pressed on vinyl as a part of the Donuts 45 box set. “Lightworks” came out the following year on Doom’s solo album Born Like This.

Metal Donut image by TonyZ345

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