Sofie “Hollywood Walk of Fame” from the album Cult Survivor

Sofie and film director Eugene Kotlyarenko have created what they describe the release as “a true quarantine music video” – they met through social media, discussed the video over the phone, and made it happen over FaceTime.

Expanding on the video’s concept, Eugene says: “‘Hollywood Walk of Fame’ reminded me of a Tumblr page I meant to start nine years ago. I’d take pictures of the forgotten stars and post them with a link-through to Wikipedia to memorialize these lost figures. I didn’t end up making it, but I thought this song would be a perfect opportunity to riff on that idea because it has its own special elegiac quality. I then realised that idea would be really on the nose, so when Sofie sent me some pictures of where she was (the Austrian Alps), and I saw how beautiful it was, I felt we needed to show that too. It would be a good contrast – the awe-inspiring beauty of the alps with the downbeat flickering fluorescents of the long walk down Hollywood Boulevard.”

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