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Unicorns in Paradise
Unicorns in Paradise


Album Leaving Records LR070

Description: Part 2 of a 3-part release, all collected in a 3/cassette package, All in One Peace (Leaving Records). Unicorns in Paradise was recorded in 1981 with Casiotone MT-70 electric keyboard and an open tuned zither harp. The album is described as, “Flowing atmospheric improvisation, inspired by trance imagination; an ideal habitat in another dimension of timelessness.”

Story, audio, photos:
Laraaji - All in One Peace

Also by Laraaji:
Lotus Collage (1978)
Unicorns in Paradise (1981)
Connecting with the Inner Healer... (1983)

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Song Title Artist Producer Price
1.  Unicorns in Paradise (Side A)
Laraaji Laraaji
2.  Unicorns in Paradise (Side B)
Laraaji Laraaji