Update: we have a buyer, and this piece has found a home. Thanks everyone who wrote with your offers of money, no money, peyote, porn, candy, fried chicken, coffee beans and museum tours. Thanks even to the guy who said he wanted it only because he has a shoe fetish.

Here's the latest Quasimoto artwork – Lord Quas kicking it with his brick, headphone, girlfriend, and a brand new pair of shooz.

Actually, this was a demo on vinyl that someone sent our way last week. I drew Quasimoto in pen & ink, glued him onto the cover, and replaced the vinyl inside with a black lacquer record, turning the unsolicited demo into unsolicited art.

I did this to leave it laying around the office, but our finance guy is hounding me to sell the thing.  So here it is, unsolicited art for sale. Interested? Send an offer to losangeles@stonesthrow.com. We'll throw in some Quasimoto rolling papers.

– Jeff Jank