Sofie Royer – the singer and songwriter Sofie – is back with new music and video “Schweden Espresso.” She wrote the song about a bar she frequents in her hometown of Vienna. “It has served as a haunting backdrop for many a personal scene, regrettable and otherwise, being played out within the confines of its seasonally decorated walls.”

“Schweden Espresso” on Spotify 🃑 Sofie Royer on Instagram

The video was made by cult filmmaker Eugene Kotlyarenko (Spree, Wobble Palace), filmed in Las Vegas, 2021, in the midst of Covid. Sofie dances, plays the slots – and gets married. Eugene and Sofie hadn’t planned that part of the video but spontaneously ended up tying the knot while filming. Eugene describes it as “in a way, the greatest wedding video in the world.”