Drawing is the debut EP from Silas Short. The ethereal pieces that make up Drawing are the product of the 24-year-old talent using the lockdowns of 2020 as an opportunity to refocus — as a guitarist, as a singer and as an artist.

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Drawing came about after Silas discovered his way out of a creative block by putting down his guitar and picking up his pen — to draw. These experiments in visual art gave Silas a new perspective on music, and he veered away from the math rock he had been playing to embrace a sound that felt to him more uplifting – a sound as inspired by soul and classic R&B as by alternative rock.

At one point, Silas’ dreams of a musical career were threatened when he shattered a bone in his left hand at age 19 while delivering pizzas. Unaware of the extent of his injury, he worked the rest of his shift without any feeling in his hand. Later, a doctor told Silas he’d never play guitar again, but rather than submit to his fate, Silas played through the pain and adapted his playing style to accommodate his injured hand.

Silas’ creative output is the product of his life and upbringing: his mom, who passed away when he was just six, held a deep love for ’90s R&B, while his dad is an abstract painter who plays blues guitar. Silas grew up between the inner city and suburbs of Milwaukee — one of America’s most segregated cities. Taking from the gospel music he was surrounded by as a child and the indie rock he fell in love with as a teen, Silas picked up different influences from opposing worlds and found it difficult to know where he belonged.

Drawing is a reference to finding my inner harmony,” says Silas. “I had an epiphany to marry my multitude of influences together, which seemed to contrast like black ink on a white page. Putting my music and art together felt like the most honest expression of my experience.” With this honest and vulnerable yet uplifting record, he hopes to honor his biracial heritage and create a safe space for “black people into alternative music,” like him.

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