Eight years after their self-titled debut on Stones Throw, Quakers are back with Quakers II: The Next Wave. 50 minutes, 33 tracks, 31 rappers, 3 producers, one album. 


7-inch single: Quakers feat. Sampa the Great “Approach with Caution”

Quakers is an evolving collective consisting of music makers: Supa K (Katalyst), 7STU7 and Fuzzface (Geoff Barrow) as executive producer, along with an ever-expanding cast of MCs they invite along on the adventure.

Since the 2012 release of Quakers’ debut LP, “Katalyst has evolved into Supa K, 7STU7 has taken up intergalactic smuggling, and Fuzzface only communicates telepathically, silently overseeing the Quakers operation from afar.” True to the group’s collaborative spirit, the three producers invite over thirty rappers from the Stones Throw stable and beyond to contribute to Quakers II: The Next Wave.

The new wave of Quakers MCs includes The Koreatown Oddity, Guilty Simpson, Sampa the Great,  Jonwayne, Jeremiah Jae, Chester Watson, Boog Brown, and many more.  All adding their weight to the sonic arsenal.

Quakers 50-track beat tape Heavy Tremors was released on September 11, 2020.

Much like Quakers’ self-titled debut, The Next Wave is loud, unapologetic and blunted. It’s also more explicitly political, with songs that speak directly to systemic corruption, racism, and the climate crisis. The artwork for The Next Wave, created by graphic novel artist Joe Currie, reflects this renewed focus on “interplanetary eco battles.”

“The project has evolved organically, similar to last time,” explains Supa K, but “the world has changed and the music reflects that. We’ve all had enough of the global corruption and all those profiting from it.”

Quakers leave us with this quote from the late, great Left Rev McD: “We have killed the very earth beneath our feet, yet we still kill each other and talk of the future.” The time for change is now.

“This Station” feat. Jeremiah Jae

“Double Jointed” feat. The Koreatown Oddity

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