Allow us to reacquaint you to, introduce you to, or hit you over the head with some James Pants. Here's a few tracks from his records on Stones Throw. Now updated with "Artificial Lover" from his forthcoming album Savage.

"Artificial Lover" from Savage (2015)
"Strange Girl" from his third album James Pants (2011)
"Clouds Over the Pacific" from James Pants (2011)
"Thin Moon" from Seven Seals (2009)
"Driftwood" from New Tropical EP (2010)
"Rhythm Track 1-7" from Rhythm Trax Vol. 1 (2008)

Tyler the Creator became familiar with James Pants while hanging around the Stones Throw message board c. 2009-10 under the name Wolf Haley, posting  songs about rape and Tivo. Here's Tyler over "Rhythm Track Vol. 1-3" from Pants' Rhythm Trax Vol. 1.

In 2010, Mayer Hawthorne and James Pants covered a song from each other and released a split 45. Here's Mayer doing "Thin Moon" and James doing Mayer's "Green Eyed Love".

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