Published in the January 2012 edition of Nylon.

The lanky, cool-tempered Jonti Danilewitz, who's based in Los Angeles, may be a tad soft-spoken, but his music certainly isn't.  Quirky and full of swelling glitches, his debut album Twirligig is an experimental, ambling and slightly abstract synth-pop masterpiece.

“I use to paint a lot when I lived in South Africa. That's all I use to do, but then I moved to Australia and I was too sad to do my art, so I made music instead. I painted the cover for my album, but we didn't end up using it because Jeff Jank made one, and if you can get him to do an album cover, you keep it.” 

“Originally I wanted to go by ‘Danimals.’ It's a play on my surname, but there's that Donimals yogurt brand.  I have records, but they have lawyers.” 

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