In the store | MYRON & E – DO IT DISCO 12-INCH

12-inch vinyl singles have their roots in Jamaican records, going back as far as the late 1950s, but they came into the mainstream for U.S. audiences with the advent of disco in the 1970s. Major and indie labels issued thousands of disco releases as 12-inch singles, marketed primarily to DJs because of the dynamic sound allowed by wider spacing of the grooves, and the visual spacing of the grooves which helped allow the DJs to locate the "breaks" on the disc's surface.

The fast paced release schedule, and low-cost price point of these singles required a generic sleeve for most of them. Just as the Jamaican record labels had done before them, most U.S. and European labels releasing disco 12s created generic sleeves branding the record label which were used for each new 12-inch release.

Myron & E's new single "Do It, Do It Disco" (designed by Freddy Anzures) is a nod this era of sleeves.

"Do It Disco" 12-inch contains a remix by Tom Noble, a re-edit by J Rocc, and on the flip side, the original extended version of the original track produced and performed by The Soul Investigators, running at over 12 minutes length.

Here's a look at a few of our favorite disco 12-inch sleeves of the 70s and early 80s – some from J Rocc's collection – others off Twitter and around the web. If you have others, post a photo on Twitter or IG and let us know @stonesthrow

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