The Northern Cali soul duo Myron & E is recording a new album for Stones Throw Records, to be released in 2013. The group is backed by Timmion Records house band The Soul Investigators, who worked with Myron & E on a string of 45s released on Timmion in recent years – "Cold Game", "Pot Club", "It's a Shame", "On Broadway".

Myron & E is covered in the latest issue of Wax Poetics by Danny Holloway, who writes: "Cold Game," and its amazing flip, "I Can't Let You Get Away," radiate such an authentic soul vibe that the 45 was immediately embraced throughout Europe and America, and even caught on with the lowrider oldies scene in California.

"We maintain a relationship with classic soul," Myron attests. "To me, that was the greatest music that ever existed. There were hundreds of groups back then that were never discovered, but are phenomenal.We're trying to keep the spirit of that alive."

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