Carhartt has put together a mixtape and interview with James Pants. Check the mixtape at:

James, along with
Peanut Butter Wolf, Dam-Funk and Mayer Hawthorne will be all over Europe in March as Carhartt presents: Stones Throw's 2009 Europe Tour

Carhartt: Do you see your music serious or winking?
James Pants: Personally, I see it as serious. Some people think it’s a joke. As long as they like the music and buy the records, it doesn’t matter. With that said, however, my next record is beyond serious. Austere, maybe?

Does music need some muckiness to be pretty?

A German review about your debut album said that it seems that you got 3000 fingers that play simultaneous. Is it like that?
Ha! I can play drums with two hands (10 fingers). Everything else is limited to my right hand. I hope that doesn’t sound sexual…

Do you like to see the people dance?
I love to see people dance when I DJ. When I play live, the goal is to not see them leave the venue.

How does your live show look like? What instruments do you play?
The live show is me, drums, synths, percussion, bass, and a saxophone performed by four people. Also singing, of course. Personally, I play the drums, percussion, and some synths live. And sing. My saxophone skills are lacking at the moment.

What are your top 5 electro and your top 5 new wave records?
Ooh, that’s tough. How about electro first…
Kraftwerk “Trans Europe Express”
Arabian Prince “Strange Life”
Yellow Magic Orchestra “Behind the Mask”
Alexander Robotnick “Krypta”
Bruce Haack “Electric Luficer.” (It’s electro from the late 60s!)

Now new wave…
Bubonic Plague “No Bosses, No Bullshit”
Cabaret Voltaire “Red Mecca”
Gary Wilson “Forgotten Lovers”
Public Image Ltd “Second Edition”
Suicide LP.
Next time ask me about my soul and prog!

Why not now: what are you five top prog and soul favorites?
Top five soul songs:
The Moments – Girls
Michael Sterling – Desperate
The Miracles – Don’t cha love it
Otis the third – Walk on by
The Flamingos – I only have eyes for you

Silver Apples – Misty Mountain
Jimi Tenor – Mr French
Bruce Haack – Incantation
The Doors – Not to touch the earth
Can – Spoon

What does the word eclecticism means for your work?
“I gotta be me…”

What comes first: the melody or the groove?
Either will do just fine, although it’s the most fun to start with the drums. Thanks!

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