Now roasted & shipping weekly

Knowing it takes many different forms of medicine to fuel a 12-month Madlib Medicine Show, Intelligentsia Coffee has created Madlib's Espresso Blend, debuted at the opening of their new location in Pasadena CA (www).  This stuff is grown in Lost Gates, Catuai, near some good trees. Elevation: High.

Update: We are now offering fresh Madlib Espresso Blend created weekly. To ensure freshest coffee possible, orders will be tallied every Wednesday,  coffee roasted on Thursday, and will ship on

This espresso comes whole-bean and is freshly roasted at
Intelligentsia's East L.A. facilities. It will remain at peak freshness
for about 4 weeks and should be stored in an airtight container in a
dark, cool place. This espresso can be ground finely and used in any
espresso machine or can be ground coarse and brewed as drip coffee in
any home coffee maker.

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