10-inch, shaped picture disc featuring the image of Knxwledge b/w Anderson .Paak who Knx collaborates with as NxWorries.

Originally announced in late 2020, the records were delayed due to a manufacturing error that called for a complete repress. Our stock arrived, and pre-orders have shipped – thanks to everyone for their patience. We are expecting a restock in November, a few of which will go to stores in North America, Europe, and Japan.

The record contains Knxwledge’s “Itkanbe[sonice]” feat. NxWorries on Side A, taken from the album 1988. The flip side is “Stillsonice,” a new remix of the track by Knx, exclusive to this single.

Knx & .Paak began collaborating as NxWorries in 2015. Their single “Suede” became a viral hit, vaulting the singer to R&B stardom, and their album Yes Lawd! followed through on that song’s immense promise. Knx and .Paak have quietly continued collaborating.

Illustrations by Rhymezlikedimez – Design by Jeff Jank

related artists Knxwledge, NxWorries