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Every morning Lucas Nathan wakes up, slips into a flowy dress, and heads to the studio for a day of absolute jamming as their freaky weirdo musical persona: Jerry Paper. The one rule? NO SELF DOUBT! What came of that creative process is the synth-pop, weird-rock, bizarro-muzak masterpiece: Free Time, an expression of freedom on their journey to self-discovery as a nonbinary artist, groover, and, most importantly, shaker of ass. When Jerry Paper asks you to hit *PLAY* on Free Time, they mean it in the most literal sense of the word…they want you to PLAY around and have some friggin’ fun for once!

With Free Time, Jerry Paper invites us to climb aboard their funhouse version of the Starship Enterprise, one whose Prime Directive is self-acceptance— learning to rid ourselves of judgment from without and within, to forgive ourselves for our mistakes, and to boldly go into the Deep Space of our own inner worlds, where our inner wellspring of creativity lies. By the end of the album, Nathan lands their spacecraft and disembarks, and *comes out* (literally and figuratively) from the vessel embracing themselves for who they really are: non-binary, a beautiful flower, nuanced, strange, bizarre, and flawed…with a ketchup stain on their blue dress.

Nathan says: “I wrote ‘Kno Me’ while reflecting on what it means to know yourself, and how that comes up against being misunderstood by the world. I have felt so much desire to be known and understood by people I’m close to (and, foolishly, strangers!) that I have wasted plenty of time losing sight of myself in the process. Coming out as nonbinary was a huge way for me to know myself deeply, and paradoxically something about sharing that with the world made me care less about how people see me. I have a much more comprehensive understanding of myself and nothing can take that away from me. The imagery in the song comes from the first day I decided to wear a dress outside while running errands. I kept repeating “fuck you, you don’t know me” in my head whenever I saw anybody as a way to center myself. Soon I realized most people didn’t care at all or weren’t paying attention to me so it made me laugh and also feel really good and free!”

Life got you down? Well Jerry Paper’s got the simple prescription for you! Just a daily dosage of Free (play)Time and a simple serving of (1) one shake of the ass!

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