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Vinyl release is 1/LP with 320kbps digital download.
Free version is just the digital, 160kbps.

This album began as Jonti's "Sine & Moon Mix" released via the Stones Throw Podcast, a collection of earlier songs he'd recorded on 4-track.

In the months since the mix, the album took another turn. Jonti revisited the songs, mixed and mastered them anew.  Now we have Sine & Moon (The Album) pressed on vinyl.  

"Saturday Night Songs" has subsequently been re-recorded as "Saturday Night" and set to a new video filmed in late summer, 2012.

01. Saturday Night Songs
02. Red On Green
03. Confused Birds
04. Nagoya Train Station 3AM
05. Nightshift in Blue (Alt. Version)
06. Koi Moon's Daughter Pt II
07. By This Shore
08. Flesh Of Morning
09. Lost Machines
10. Young Wildebeest
11. Nagoya Interlude
12. Moon Goddess
13. Sugar High
14. Lovers Stone (Alt. Passaros)
15. Vendas Newly Won Dream (Bonus Track)

Preview "Flesh of Morning" from Sine & Moon (The Album)

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