In the store | Crow44 – Self Titled

12-inch EP, tip-on jacket.

Aesthetically wedged somewhere between the de-tuned surf breeze, lo-fi jams
of Ariel Pink, and New Age sits Desmond Pierce, aka Crow44.

This mild mannered North Yorkshire resident has been steadily cranking out jam after jam on his antiquated PC for the last decade or so. Having begun his musical career in a John Barry and Yardbirds inspired rock outfit in Britain’s
swinging 60s, his music has mellowed over the years to something altogether
sublime, centered around smooth Korg M1 chords, jazzy synth riffs, drum
machines, and his undying devotion to the Egyptian goddess Isis.

James Pants discovered Crow 44, he says, "while on the hunt for vampire
music," and brought it to Stones Throw's Peanut Butter Wolf.  After soaking
in over 25 albums of his material, the favorite cuts were selected for this
self-titled EP release, Crow 44 – a name derived from his his favorite
Native American tribe and a random number to secure an email address.

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