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Celestrana / Deep Chimes Meditation
Celestrana / Deep Chimes Meditation


Album Leaving Records LR101

Description: Celestrana / Deep Chimes Meditation was recorded, and originally released on cassette, in the 1980s.

Tape 1 from Be Still And Glow
Also available with the Om Bundle 

Description from Laraaji: “Celestrana: Calming, gentle, continual, patient, relaxed-pace solo electric zither feeling. Home cassette recorded in the 1980s. Mood of contemplative stillness. Peaceful, introspective listening.  Deep Chimes Meditation: Classic, Space, Peace, Zen, Timelessness.”

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Song Title Artist Producer Price
1.  Celestrana
Laraaji Laraaji
2.  Deep Chimes Meditation
Laraaji Laraaji