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Cassette 2
Cassette 2


Album Stones Throw STH2320

Description: We released Jonwayne's Cassette late last year, raps & beats designed to look like a pack of cigarettes. Soon after, we got a cease & desist letter from smokes giant Philip Morris demanding that we pull the cassettes and have them destroyed. Read: Philip Morris smacks Stones Throw over Jonwayne Cassette.

No use fighting The Man, so we're taking that cassette out of production. Here's our new one. Cassette 2 is all new music, 36 mins of raps & beats from Jonwayne, feat. Jeramiah Jae, Zeroh, Quelle.

Cassette release only. No digital. No CD. No vinyl. Just cassette.

Jonwayne Cassette
Jonwayne Cassette 2
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Song Title Artist Producer Price
1.  Side A feat. Zeroh, Jeremiah Jae, Quelle Jonwayne Jonwayne
2.  Side B Jonwayne Jonwayne