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48 Hours Instrumentals LP
48 Hours Instrumentals LP
J Dilla


Album Delicious Vinyl 2013

Description: J Dilla's production 48 Hours for Frank N Dank, released officially for the first time as instrumentals (1 LP).

It was 2002. Signed to a solo deal with MCA, whose roster at the time included Common and The Roots, J Dilla spearheaded a project for two of the most unlikely major label emcees: Frank N Dank. In retrospect it's not hard to understand why the label shelved and eventually dropped the project.  

What is remarkable is the pure quality of the beats produced by J Dilla, and the fact that he chose to create the album entirely without samples - a creative decision by the producer himself, not the corporate label heads.

48 Hours Instrumentals LP

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Song Title Artist Producer Price
1.  Get Cha B--ch (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
2.  Marijuana (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
3.  Street Life (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
4.  Pimp Strut Part 1 (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
5.  Pimp Strut Part 2 (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
6.  Where the Parties At (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
7.  Y'all Don't Want It (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
8.  Y'all Don't Want It Remix (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
9.  Sex on the Beach (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
10.  All Seasons (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
11.  Alright (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
12.  Ma Dukes (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla
13.  Keep It Coming (Beat) J Dilla J Dilla