French National public radio Radio France has partnered with Blogotheque (Take Away Shows) for a series "Vinyl Radio" where they take producers and artists into Radio France's massive collection of 450,000 records in its "discotheque" warehouse to pull, play, and talk about whatever records they like.

Here's Geoff Barrow of Portishead, Beak and Stones Throw's Quakers digging' through the crates…


Moondog “Bird’s lament” (Moondog, 1969)
Public Enemy “Public Enemy no. 1” (Yo! Bum rush the show, 1987)
Can “Vitamin C” (Ege bamyasi Okraschoten, 1972)
Charles Penrose “The Laughing Policeman” (Comic Cuts, 1926)
Serge Gainsbourg “Melody” (Histoire de Melody Nelson, 1971)
Massive Attack “Unfinished Sympathy” (Blue lines, 1991)
Herbie Hancock “Rock It" (Break Dance, 1983)
Madvillain “Meat Grinder” (Madvillainy, 2004)
Suicide “Ghost Rider” (Suicide, 1977)

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