Belgium's THE WORD Magazine has recently gone global. Their new issue features a section about mix tapes, including words from Peanut Butter Wolf:

When I was 14, I was the only guy in the neighborhood with two turntables and a mixer. I thought I was so cool. I was definitely cooler then than I am now. Everyone would ask me for a mixtape and I only had a single tape deck so I had to make it from scratch every time. In the early days, I mostly created electro mixes, and then by the mid '80s, it would be slower tracks on one side and the faster ones on the other side. I realized that New York hip-hop – like Run DMC and The Fat Boys and stuff on the Beauty & The Beat label, like King Kut by Word Of Mouth – would be from the East Coast and the faster stuff – like Techno Scratch and Surgery, and Egyptian Lover and Arabian Prince – would be from the West Coast. So I'd do East Coast on one side and West Coast on the other. I still have all my tapes from the '80s and '90s. I have all my demos. I have rap songs I recorded in the mid '80s. I have it all. I spoke for a bunch of fifth graders last year and brought all my tapes to show them what I was doing when I was 'their age'. They didn't seem to care at all, and when I was packing them all in the trunk I accidentally left a box underneath my car and ran it over. All destroyed. God has a sense of humor.

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