“I witnessed the death of the CD/Liberate yourself from that format and be free” – Talib Kweli (MED's "Classic")

While the media and certain rappers have been declaring the death of the CD for about a decade now, the little silver things continue to be manufactured, bought, sold and enjoyed in some circles. True, they can't be played on an iPhone and they don't have the quality, heart and soul of vinyl. Maybe it's the car that keeps them alive. Not too many of us have a turntable in the ride.

One CD we're proud to still have available is J Dilla's magnum opus Donuts. This album can be discovered and re-discovered for generations regardless of format, but if you want the 4.75-inch silver disc version, we got you.

The Donuts CD digipack: The master files for the older jewel case design were lost over time. Just this month we've revised the CD as a digipack. It's  being manufactured right now and coming to record stores in Dillawood and beyond any day now.

Cover photo by Andrew Gura, design & illustration by Jeff Jank. Here's the story behind the cover image: Behind the smile.

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